1. All Members and Guest must sign in when they arrive
  2. Members and Guest must shower before entering the pool
  3. No one is allowed to enter the pools unless a lifeguard is on duty
  4. The lifeguards will monitor the large pool only. It is the responsibility of the parents or the guardian to monitor children in the baby pool and the middle pool.
  5. The pool will be closed and cleared for 10 minutes every hour. Adult lap lanes will be open during this time. Parents should take this time to encourage children to use the restroom facilities.
  6. Children who are not toilet trained and less than 4 years old will only be allowed in the pool if they wear a swim diaper. Cloth or disposable diapers are not acceptable.
  7. Members and guest are expected not to use the pool when they are ill or have an infection of any type.
  8. Smoking is not permitted inside the gated area.
  9. N.C. ABC laws prohibit anyone from bringing their own alcoholic beverages to Oak Hills.
  10. Food or refreshments shall be consumed away from the pool side. All refuse and waste papers must be deposited in designated receptacles.
  11. No glass items, chewing gum, bobby pins or smoking is permitted in the pool area.
  12. Toys and flotation devices will be allowed at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  13. Acceptable swim attire must be worn on the deck and in the water
  14. Staff and lifeguards are the only persons allowed in the snack room, guard room and filter/mechanical room.
  15. Children 12 and under and non-swimmers must have adult supervision. Children 13 and older must pass a pool test and have pool attendant’s approval and parents will have had to fill out proper paperwork to be left at pool w/o adult supervision.
  16. No person within the pool grounds shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of themselves and others. Such behavior includes abusive or profane language and shall be grounds for expulsion.
  17. The pool attendant is in complete charge of the pool area and has the authority to ask anyone to leave the pool for any conduct detrimental to the common pleasure of the other members and guest enjoying the pool.

Guest Policy:

  • Out of Town Guest – $5.00 per person per visit.
  • In Town Guest – Limit of 5 days per summer $5.00 per person per visit.

(Guest fees must be paid in advance or at gate with cash or check) Guest policy is without exception unless cleared by Oak Hills. Baby sitters, if pre-approved, may bring pool members children.